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cloudReading/Viewing/Listening to be completed before class on Jan 16:

  • ASIC 200 Climate Change Science Videos parts 1 to 4. Note that at this same link you can find the text notes for the videos, and most importantly, you can see which parts you are actually on the hook for when it comes time for the exam.
  • Skim – meaning look over – through the “IPCC special report:Global Warming of 1.5 °C: Summary for Policy Makers” (2018) located at This report was just released last year and covered extensively in the media. Here is an example of such coverage from the New York Times (link).
  • Also skim through the AR5 “Summary for Policymakers” (2013) located at:
  • Dave will actually be summarizing elements of both of these reports in his climate change lecture next week. (Note that you are NOT REQUIRED to memorize this stuff, and any mention in the final exam will provide the proper the context and details for you to answer questions, but you do need to have sufficient grasp of the concepts to at least be able to follow along these important documents (which BTW, are primarily written for the politicians in the room). Pro-tip: these documents will also be very handy for your Solo assignment #1)
  • Wilder, R. and Kammen, D.M. (2016, Oct.19). Exposed: The Climate Fallacy of 2100. Retrieved from:
    This blog post summarizes Clark, P.U., Shakun, J.D., Marcott, S.A., Mix, A.C., Eby, M., … Plattner, G-K. (2016). Consequences of Twenty-First-Century Policy for Multi-Millennial Climate and Sea-Level Change. Nature Climate Change 6: 360-369. Public policy and discourse. You can try taking a look at this paper, but note that this will be a lot more technical than the level covered in this course.
  • Optional but definitely worth browsing through. The New York Times has a nice “year in Climate Change” section with many interesting pieces that cover both scientific and social science angles. Go to

125742-200Reading/Viewing/Listening to be completed before class on Jan 23:

Reading/Viewing/Listening to be completed before class on Jan 30:


icon_032740_256Reading/Viewing/Listening to be completed before class on Feb 13:

Reading/Viewing/Listening to be completed before class on Mar 5:

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-8-01-13-pmReading/Viewing/Listening to be completed before class on Mar 12: